E-beam holograms

Modern OVDs have sub-wavelength period of 200 nm and thus at least 20 nm resolution is highly needed. E-beam lithography is the technology created for microelectronics. But it meets all OVD’s requirements for resolution, flexibility and performance. This technique makes it possible of arbitrary topology creation while extreme resolution of nano-meter scale allows utilizing the recent development of digital holography.

In 2014 we switched from optical to e-beam lithography

The e-beam holograms are capable to control the light field (amplitude and phase of the light) as well as its polarization. Sub-micron structures with specific 3D profiles can produce unique optical effect such as 3D visualization, motion, color selectivity and much more complicated security futures.

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That is the reason why we choose the e-beam lithography as our primary hologram’s mastering technology. E-beam lithography allows us to realize synthesized diffraction structures of several microns depth with high resolution and accuracy.

Armed with this new high-tech tool, our engineers and physicists already put into practice their theoretical developments of the recent years. We have developed some novel effects based on diffraction optics which are essentially different from conventional rainbow OVDs providing easy recognition and verification.

Our new Security Features are intended to use for most significant projects like passports, tax stamps and currencies where up to date security is essential.