Again Number One

During the annual IHMA forum in Barselona, Demax Holograms was nominated and won the prize for Best Origination

The nano-optical feature  1001 Hollars, contains unique visual security features that includes:

•            3D sculpture effect in 2 different pastel colors

•             Full parallax motion effect visible in diffusion light

•             Interference pastel colors

•             Diffractive black color with flip to rainbow

•             3D motion visible under spot light

•             3D low-chromatic sculpture

•             Zero-order color shift effect


DEMAX HOLOGRAMS was awarded also for hologram

This special origination was created to demonstrate the symbiosis between a beautiful design and the highest level of optical security for protection of passport data pages and banknotes.

Nano-optical elements that are as marvellous as Bulgarian embroidery and as difficult and complicated as climbing the peak K2.

Exellence in Golographic Awards 2017