“Egyptian Fantasy”

New OVD features

As we already announced before, we are armed with new equipment.

As a result, in the arsenal of in the arsenal of LIDOGRAM appeared new security features unmatched on the market.

The example of advertising hologram demonstrate some of our achievements

“Egyptian Fantasy” –  The nano-optical element is developed by electron-beam holographic technology and its resolution is 15 nm. The item combines a number of innovative techniques including 2D pastel colors of the background sub-wavelength structures through which created the black color of the characters, achromatic 3D sculptural effect and others.




3D moving objects in four directions.


Graphic diffraction object in constant color (the color of the object is constant regardless of the angle of observation)

nefertiti_black_200pxHOLOGRAPHIC BLACK

Holographic black field with latent color image. Combination of Holographic black and High Color (High frequency gratings) effects.
At very low viewing angles a vivid color is replayed to complement part of image visible at ordinary viewing angle. Good feature for overt verification.

3D Glass-relief effect

A bas-relief like achromatic effect.
The object looks like water drops
3D Mat-relief effect
A bas-relief like achromatic effect.
The object looks like mat relief

Excellence in Holography Awards 2016

Winner in two categories for Nano-optical element “Egypt Phantasy”

Best Origination and Innovation in Holographic Technology