Again Number One

During the annual IHMA forum in Barselona, Demax Holograms was nominated and won the prize for Best Origination

The nano-optical feature  1001 Hollars, contains unique visual security features that includes:

•            3D sculpture effect in 2 different pastel colors

•             Full parallax motion effect visible in diffusion light

•             Interference pastel colors

•             Diffractive black color with flip to rainbow

•             3D motion visible under spot light

•             3D low-chromatic sculpture

•             Zero-order color shift effect


DEMAX HOLOGRAMS was awarded also for hologram

This special origination was created to demonstrate the symbiosis between a beautiful design and the highest level of optical security for protection of passport data pages and banknotes.

Nano-optical elements that are as marvellous as Bulgarian embroidery and as difficult and complicated as climbing the peak K2.

Exellence in Golographic Awards 2017

Best Origination

On 28-30th of Novermber was held the annual conference of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) in Warsaw for companies all around the world to show off their products and discuss various topics about the industry.

During this time, the association also holds the annual awards in 5 different categories. Demax Holograms participated for the first time in this competition in the 2 most important categories: Innovation in Holographic Technology and Best Origination. We won both of them, which was an amazing achievement for us.

“Egyptian Fantasy” –  The nano-optical element is developed by electron-beam holographic technology and its resolution is 15 nm. The item combines a number of innovative techniques including 2D pastel colors of the background sub-wavelength structures through which created the black color of the characters, achromatic 3D sculptural effect and others.

New OVD features

As we already announced before, we are armed with new equipment.

As a result, in the arsenal of in the arsenal of LIDOGRAM appeared new security features unmatched on the market.

The example of advertising hologram demonstrate some of our achievements





3D moving objects in four directions.

pastel-colorsPASTEL COLORS

Graphic diffraction object in constant color (the color of the object is constant regardless of the angle of observation)

nefertiti_black_200pxHOLOGRAPHIC BLACK

Holographic black field with latent color image. Combination of Holographic black and High Color (High frequency gratings) effects.
At very low viewing angles a vivid color is replayed to complement part of image visible at ordinary viewing angle. Good feature for overt verification.


3D Glass-relief effect

A bas-relief like achromatic effect.
The object looks like water drops
3D Mat-relief effect
A bas-relief like achromatic effect.
The object looks like mat relief

Non-Rainbow OVD

During The High Security Printing Conference in Budapest we have presented our Novel Non-Rainbow OVDs Based on Diffraction Optics




Sub-wavelength structures are especially of interest. They produce optical effects that are not common for classical OVDs thus can be used as an effective visual security features:

  • pastel colors;
  • antireflection (black color);
  • zero-order color shift;
  • polarization contrast.

These first line inspection features are easily recognized by common people and are difficult to simulate for other widely used technology.

E-beam Lithography

Our company invests in new Electronic beam lithograph.

The new equipment will  develop our origination system, adding a lot of new security features.

E-beam lithography is the technology created for microelectronics and meets all OVD’s requirements for resolution, flexibility and performance. This technique makes it possible of arbitrary topology creation while extreme resolution of nano-meter scale allows utilizing the recent development of digital holography.
The e-beam holograms are capable to control the light field (amplitude and phase of the light) as well as its polarization. Sub-micron structures with specific 3D profiles can produce unique optical effect such as 3D visualization, motion, color selectivity and much more complicated security futures.
That is the reason why we choose the e-beam lithography as our primary holograms’ mastering technology.

The equipment have been installed in November   2014.